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The First Share of 2008

27 Jun

Hello everyone, welcome to the first edition of the Weathervane Arrow.  We are excited about the multimedia possibilities of this format.  The first garden share is packed and in the cooler.  After a busy spring of planning, building, planting and keeping warm, the harvest is starting to come in.  Just wait, the boxes will soon be packed to the top. The fruit, although delayed this week, is looking to be a good harvest this year.  I can hardly wait for the first drop of peach juice dripping down my chin.  Until next week, enjoy the veggies!

Garden Share

Mixed Kales


Micro greens

Garlic Chives

Garlic Scapes

Pac Choi


Fruit Share

Apologies again for the delay, the fruit is on its way. Pick-ups will start July, 4th and 5th.

Micro greens

Something between sprouts and salad mix, micro greens are super baby greens. The mix is delicious as a garnish. Throw it in a sandwich, top a salad with it for extra flair, eat it with your scrambled eggs, serve it with a stir fry or as an accompaniment to fish. This mix is slightly spicy and has six different greens in it including hong vit(an asian radish green with red stems), daikon, red mustard, red choi, choy sum, and mizuna. To learn more check out this link

Garlic Chives and Garlic Scapes

Garlic chives are similar in flavor to garlic. They are delicious chopped and used any way you would use regular chives chopped over a baked potato, in scramled eggs with a little cream cheese, mixed into cream cheese as a spread for bagels, in dressings and veggie dips or chopped in some mashers. Use them in any dish that needs a little garlic flavor.

Garlic Scapes are the immature flower stalk of hardneck garlic, which we pick off to improve the size of the garlic bulb. They are delicious chopped up and used in place of garlic or in addition to garlic in soups, sauces, eggs, stir-fry or finely pureed in butter and lathered on bread for garlic scape bread. To learn more check out this link

One great feature about using the blog for the newsletter is that our CSA community can interact. We would love to hear what you create in the kitchen with these unusual ingredients. Please feel welcome to leave your comments, suggestions, ideas, etc. here.

Cooking with Greens

Though many folks find it hard to cook with greens, we’re here to help you avoid a Kermit the Frog complex by showing you how easy it is to be green.


Chard is delicious as a cooking green. The stems and the leaves can be used easily. The stem is quite tender when cooked and can be included in most recipes that call for the green. It can also be easily removed by cutting it out of the leaf. The stem has a texture similar to celery and is great chopped and used raw in salads. Chard can also stand in for spinach in almost any recipe.


To use pull the leaf off the stem by holding the stem with one hand and running your other hand along the stem to pop the leaf off. Discard the stems and use the leaf in your recipe. Kale can be used in simple or complex ways. At its simplest, we enjoy it sauted in butter with garlic and seasoned with salt. It is a delicious accompaniment to eggs, toast, and sausage for a hearty breakfast. It is also great chopped finely and added to pasta sauces, garlicky meat balls, or bean soups. Use your chard and kale in place of spinach in a spanikopita recipe.

Pac Choi

Pac choi is fantastic in stir fry. Chop up some beef, mushrooms and the pac choi. Stir-fry, add a nice sauce and pour over rice for a delicious dish with delicious greens.

New Boxes

This year we are packing the garden shares in brand new wax boxes. These boxes will help us to keep the contents fresh until they make it into your refrigerator at home. We ask that you come back with the box from this week when you come to pick up the share next week so that we can reuse it and keep reusing these boxes all season long. Here is Seth with a primer on box breakdown. Roll em’.