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Get Your Green On

27 Jun

Welcome Weathervane Farm Shareholders to the 2009 season.  The garden season is off to a strong start with a box full of greens and colorful radishes.  And for the first fruit shares we have cherries, earlier than expected, and some delicious Colorado jam.

The Weathervane preseason has been great.  Though these rainy days of late are fantastic for watering the plants, we are ready for a couple weeks of sunshine to really get things growing.

Garden Share


Green Leaf Lettuce

Purple Mizuna

Multi-Colored Radish


Winterbor Kale

Greek Oregano

Pac Choi


Fruit Share


1 Jar Colorado Mountain Jam

Colorado Mountain Jam

Without a reliable start date for cherries, we procured some Colorado jams for the first share.  Luckily we did get cherries in time, but wanted to get the jam out there too.  If you like the jam and want to try more flavors, you can purchase it from Colorado Grown.  For those of you picking up at the farm, please feel free to access Colorado Grown from our back gate.  Along with jam, they also carry a wide variety of natural meats, local honey,produce, as well as dairy products from Cottonwood Creek Dairy for their members.

Check out Colorado Mountain Jams

High Altitude Pesto

Basil has a hard time growing in our cool, high altitude climate.  This season we planted arugula instead.  For a twist on basil pesto try this tangy and delicious arugula pesto.

To prepare your arugula cut the rubber band and pull out any undesirable looking leaves and give it a quick wash.  Then follow this recipe at Simply Recipes.  This site is one of my favorites for good simple recipes and the pictures are always very enticing.

Purple Mizuna

The bundle of purple greens in the share today is mizuna.  This green takes the prize this week for the prettiest vegetable in the garden.  It is a mild brassica green, in the same family as broccoli and arugula, and is great in fresh salads.

Radish Sandwich

A member reminded me about radish sandwiches.  This simple open faced sandwich is a classic.  The most basic version includes lots of butter on good bread with thinly sliced radishes.  Here is a good example.

Here is another rendition with a nice poppy seed dressing.

Be creative with your radish sandwich and let us know what you discover.

Greek Oregano

Our Greek oregano plants came back with gusto and they needed a pruning before they went to flower.  This  is a great oregano to season meat and fish is also excellent in Greek yogurt sauce. See last year’s post on a Greek meat balls for some ideas. This time of the season oregano inspires me to make red beans and rice with a side dish of sauteed kale in garlic and olive oil.  A fried egg in the mix makes for a hearty breakfast.  If you are not in the mood to use it now, try drying it for later.  Rinse leaves and roll in  a paper towel to dry.  Then place the sprigs on a cookie sheet in a sunny window.  The leaves should be dry in a few days.  Pull the leaves off the stalk and store in an airtight container.

Here’s a site with some great oregano history.


The spinach is especially green and vital this round.  For a very comprehensive look at the the nutritional composition of spinach check this site out.