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29 Aug

poppy and purple

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green beans


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Cantaloupe Chorizo Supper Salad

Our resident Weathervane Farm Allstar, Lindsey, receives two weekly email newsletters.  Both are very relevant to our lives here on the farm.  One is the Love and Logic newsletter.  This newsletter is full of child rearing and classroom management advice.  You can sign up for the newsletter at . So, as challenges arise with our resident 3 year old and Lindsey’s Spanish students, the newsletter is referenced for advice.  The other newsletter is from Lynne Rosetto Kasper of The Splendid Table.  We all share the task of cooking dinner for each other.  On several occasions Lindsey has made meals for the house from the recipes in the newsletter.  So far all the recipes have been delicious.  Here is a link to sign-up for the newsletter or just check out the site.

Here is a great recipe Lindsey made for us  from The Splendid Table e-newsletter.

Cantaloupe Chorizo Supper Salad


Kale Salad

Here is a recipe from fellow farm share recipient Abbie Cobb.

Missy’s Banging Kale Salad  from The Happy Hippie Magazine!

1 bunched chopped kale, ribs removed

1 tomato diced

1 avocado chopped

1/2 cup chopped red onion

2 Tbl. olive oil

1/2 lemon juiced

1 tsp. sea salt

1/2 tsp. cayenne (or less!)

In a mixing bowl toss all ingredients together and squeeze as you mix to wilt the kale and cream the avocado.  Use your hands or a wooden masher.  Let sit for 30 minutes before serving.


Send in Your Recipes

22 Aug

Have you made any great recipes you would like to share with the CSA community.  I would love to post your recipe finds, and pictures too, if you are feeling ambitious .  Send me your recipes through the comment box on this blog or to my email

Here is a fun food blog from an old friend of the farm to provide some inspiration

Garden Shares





Corn (Olathe)

Red Russian Kale


Snow Peas

Onions (Olathe)


Fruit Shares


Black Berries


Colorado Berries

As a native Pacific Northwest dweller I long for the sweet taste of berries every summer.  There are a glut of berries in the mountains, on roadsides and on farms in Washington.  I feel like I am never quite satisfied in Colorado….until these raspberries.  Finally a berry with flavor.  And the blackberries are pretty great, too.  Enjoy these Colorado treasures on cereal, icecream or one by one or in a big handful all alone.

The berries would also be great in little individual cobblers.

Here’s a yummy peach and raspberry cobbler from a Colorado bed and breakfast:

A link to all kinds of blackberry and raspberry recipes.  I am drooling over all of them.

And for the peaches…here’s an individual peach cobbler from Martha Stewart:


It is a bountiful broccoli crop this year.  It is exciting to see how there are some vegerables that are perfectly suited to our high altitude short season growing.  The broccoli remains sweet and tender all season long and holds well in the field.  Here are a couple simple recipes from one of my favorite recipe sites.  This is also a great site to search an ingredient for great recipes.

Simply Steamed and Dressed:

Broccoli Salad from the same site.  I love these recipes.

Ideas for other vegetables in the share this week

Arugula and Corn Salad Recipe

Broccoli Snow Pea Stir-Fry

Green Beans and Cilantro and some good reading on a cool blog

Green Beans, Cilantro and Ginger

August Frost, Early Fall?

15 Aug

As I walked out the back door last Sunday, I could feel the cool in the air and there seemed to be a frosty haze over the garden.   I walked down to the garden and realized quickly that this was not the pocket frost of early July.  This was the real deal.  After looking around at all the leaves covered in frosty crystals it was hard not to feel a bit defeated.  We couldn’t believe this day was here so early.  After a day filled with other errands and work,  Seth and I convened in the  garden in the evening to assess the damage.  Afterall, to our relief, the damage really wasn’t that bad.  The squash and beans got nipped, but there growth points remain unaffected.  The rest of the crops, although they appeared frozen in the morning, can tolerate a light to moderate frost and some get even sweeter and more delicious after being coated with a frost frosting.  Throughout the week I saw Tony Madone’s squash and spoke with several gardeners in Nathrop and Salida who experienced pretty much the same thing as we did at our place.  In some ways I was bummed that everyone’s plants got hit, but I was relieved to share in the momentary grief of the frost and hope for just a little more summer weather.

Weathervane allstar working member, Marley, picking the squash off the newly frosted plants.

Weathervane Allstar working member, Marley, picking the squash off the newly frosted plants.

Garden Share






Green Leaf Lettuce

Snap Peas



Summer Savory


Fruit Share

1 bag nectarines

1 cantaloupe


That big ferny thing in the share that looks like dill and smells like licorice is fennel.  The flavor of fennel mellows out when cooked and is very subtle and delicious. Here are some recipe ideas.

Fennel cakes, using the fronds:

Fennel and green beans using the bulb and the fronds:

MMMmm..fennel and salmon:

Fennel and potatoes:



Summer Savory

Summer savory is the small bundle of herbs on the share this week.  A companion plant to beans, summer savory  is also delicious in bean dishes.

Potato and Green Bean Salad wih Summer Savory

Savory and Fennel together:

Cut Your Own Bouquet

From this Saturday until the frost takes all the flowers we will have the flower garden open for you to pick your own bouquet.  The hours are 9 am-7pm on Saturdays.  The cost is 5.oo/25 stems for most stems.  Large amaranth, sunflowers, and dahlias are between .50 and 1.50 per stem.

You are welcome to bring your own vase or bucket or use ours here and then take your flowers home in a plastic bag with water.

Before your first pick allow Caitlin to give you some pointers in the garden.

Come to the farm and pick your own bouquet.

Come to the farm and pick your own bouquet.

A Seasonal Shift

8 Aug

I noticed this week that the leaves on the cottonwoods around the garden are already beginning to turn.  The mornings have been cool and the days are getting shorter, and though it is only a slight change, fall is undeniably on its way.  For an in depth look at why the color of the leaves change check out this site,  So with Fall on the way we have a Summer-y share this week.  Tomatoes, corn and peppers come to us from a grower in Olathe.  And in our own garden our high altitude summer crops, head cabbage and carrots, make a first appearance.   Next week along with peaches the fruit share will likely contain melons.

garden green

Garden Share



corn (Olathe)



snow peas

peppers (Olathe)

salad turnips

tomatoes (Olathe) BV pick-up only.  We messed up and the share tomatoes for Salida didn’t make it on the truck.  Salida shares will get tomatoes next week:( Our sincere apologies..


Fruit Share


Summer Says  Salsas

A variety of salsa recipes using peaches:

Corn salsa with steak or not:

Simple tomato salsas:

Be creative with all the great potential salsa ingredients in the share this week.  Cabbage and carrot slaws are also great with chips and salsa.

Corn on the Grill

Elote – Mexican Grilled Corn:

Simple Grilled Corn:


Though a simple coleslaw is an obvious cabbage destiny, here are a collection of cabbage recipes to suit a multitude of culinary desires.

Snow Peas

Here are some ideas for how to use your peas.

The Double Crown Share

1 Aug

Howdy Folks.  Here are some pictures of our Rockygrass  weekend.

Juniper had her face painted and then painted mine.

Juniper had her face painted and then painted mine.

Juniper, Daddy, coffe and the river make a perfect combination.

Juniper, Daddy, coffe and the river make a perfect combination.

With all the great talent it was hard to decide, but my pick was Sarah Jarosz.

With all the great talent it was hard to decide, but my pick was Sarah Jarosz.

Juniper made many new friends.

Juniper made many new friends.

Thanks again to all the hard workers here at the farm for allowing us to get away last weekend.  We had a wonderful time and now we are back in the groove.

Garden Share





Red Russian Kale



Snap Peas



Fruit Share


Double Crown Share

The garden share this week is hereby dubbed “The Double Crown Share” not only for containing a lovely crown of broccoli and cauliflower, but also for our friend and fellow Weathervane Farm All-Star, Karen Thorpe.  Last weekend Karen won the women’s division burro race in Fairplay and this weekend she will race again in Buena Vista.  She is going for the Triple Crown, which means she would also need to win Buena Vista and Leadville.  So it seems to follow that this weekend she could be the recipient of the Double Crown.  The race starts at 11 am on Main Street in Buena Vista.  Check out the burro racing website for race results and scheduling.

Go Karen and Dakota!!

Snap Peas

The peas are loaded this year.  Though we may not have the easiest time growing tomatoes in this environment, the peas love where we live. Since peas will grow throughout the summer in our cool environment we decided to try extending our season vertically.  This is the first time for us, at least on a larger scale, to grow climbing peas on a trellis.  This variety, Super Sugar, is from Fedco Seeds,   We are super impressed with their height, the catalog says they can get up to 10′, and their heavy fruit set.


Eat your peas by the handful as a snack or check out some of these recipes.

Chicken Salad with Snap Peas and Bok Choy – especially good if you need to  use up your pac choi (bok choy) from last week.

Caesar Potato Salad with Sugar Snap Peas – Use up your potatoes and peas together.

Sugar Snap Pea and Quinoa Salad- Our neighbors in the San Luis Valley at White Mountain Farm produce organically grown Quinoa. Yum.


The beets are new to the share rotation this week and carrots are on the way.  We are hoping to rotate these popular roots weekly.

Here is a delicious looking recipe, from a humourously named blog, with beets, potatoes and snap peas.

Mmmmmm…flank steak, horseradish and beets…


I just loved this picture of the scallions on harvest morning.  


The Ark Valley Voice

Fellow Weathervane Farm All-Stars, Rafe and Lindsey Quinton, are days away from publishing the first print edition of The Ark Valley Voice.  Get your copy by the farm entrance or at numerous locations around BV, Salida, and Leadville. To learn more about The Voice, check out their online news at .  Bravo to these guys for providing an alternative news source to valley residents.