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A Delayed Post

25 Sep

Apologies to all of you out here in newsletter land.  This post is a bit delayed.  I hope it is still useful to some of you finishing up last weeks share.


Garden Shares








salad turnips


buttercup squash

Fruit Shares


honey crisp apples



Mr. Roberts Strikes Again

Some of you may have noticed Seth’s picture, not once, but twice in the Mountain Mail.  And now folks he is on the radio.  One friend told us he woke up Friday morning to Seth’s voice broadcast over his clock radio.  Shanna Lewis did a story on the Land Link project featuring Weathervane Farm and Cottonwood Creek Dairy and David Lynch speaking on behalf of Land Link.  Check it out at the link below.

Kale Soups

I’ve had several folks tell me that the one thing they really like with kale in it is soup.  Here are some ideas for you kale lovers and haters alike.

Roasted veggies and kale:

Chorizo and kale:

Kale and Chick Pea Soup with a North African Flair:


Remember the Share Goes Through September to the Second Sat. in October

18 Sep

Still Three More Weeks

Shares will continue until the 2nd weekend in October, which means we have 3 weeks left after the share this week.  Suddenly it feels like the end of the share is fast approaching.  There are a few ways to extend the season if you are getting bummed about the end.  Freezing and drying any herbs and vegetables you have left at the end of the week works well.  Most vegetables need a quick blanch and then you can freeze them.  This works really well with broccoli and  kale.  Herbs can be dried or frozen.  You can also order bulk amounts of veggies and fruits that keep well like potatoes and storage apples. There are also tomato and peach seconds available for canning or freezing for the next week.
If you are interested in doing this and getting the full list of what’s available, please contact us via email.  We make our order on Monday mornings for Wednesday delivery so we need any orders for extras by Sunday PM.

That pointy cabbage in your share is called Caraflex.  We were thinking of renaming it either “Elf Head” or “Madonna Bra.”  We are open to any other brilliant ideas.


Garden Shares





garlic (Olathe)

kale – redbor



potatoes (from Salida- three colors)

red peppers (Olathe)




tomatoes (Olathe)

Fruit Shares




concord grapes

Herb of the Week: Sage

Use your sage up with your potatoes for some yummy gnocchi:

This recipe is like an omlette:

Fried sage can add a whole new subtlety to sage:

Use your sage and pears in this tasty risotto recipe:

Here are some good ideas to preserve your sage if you can’t use it all at once.  I didn’t know it was so easy to freeze.

Cut Flowers Still Available

The flowers were granted a stay of execution by the frost governor.  This means there are more flowers to pick and there will be more at the markets this weekend.  If you’re in BV come on by one Saturday to pick yourself a bouquet.  Only $5.00 for 25 stems.

Bittersweet Frosty Forecasts

11 Sep


Just one more reminder, first thing, that we are having a farm party tomorrow.  The Post Frost Harvest Hoedown will be a potluck and will have special musical guest Cahalen Morrison.  The fun starts  at 5pm.  Bring  a friend, a potluck dish and bring your own plate and silverware.  See you tomorrow.


Garden Share




romaine lettuce

pac choi





Fruit Shares


green pears

green seedless grapes

Bittersweet Frosty Forecasts

This week marked a shift in the seasons.  With a frosty morning on Tuesday that took our zucchini and put a final rest to our bean successions, we are starting to feel things wind down a bit at the farm.  This time of year is bittersweet for vegetable and flower farmers.  We are sad to see some of our crops go with the frosts but are happy to feel the transition into a quieter less busy time.  Not to worry though, we have lots of crops out in the garden that thrive in cool temperatures and get sweeter and more tender with a little frost.  We will also have some new crops from our garden and other farmers in the last month of the share season.  Expect potatoes and winter squash  from the West Slope and the San Luis Valley and leeks and cabbage from our garden.  Here’s a look at the condition of the zucchini after the frost on Tuesday.

Caprese Salad

Here are a couple variations on the classic caprese salad which combines basil, tomato, and fresh mozerella.  With tomatoes and basil in the share this week this salad is a great way to celebrate the bounty of the summer. 

This one has a basil vinaigrette and some pictures that are very stimulating to the appetite.

This one has a sweet balsamic dressing.

This variation has a garlicky flair.

Tomato Basil Bread

I found this yummy looking recipe en route to the caprese salad recipe above.

Post Frost Harvest Hoedown Sunday, Sept. 12th at 5pm

4 Sep

I have been wondering what to call this celebration for weeks now.  I didn’t want to call it a Fall gathering.  After all, the official start of Fall is at least a couple weeks away and we need as much summer as we can get around here.  With our first two small frosts this week, which didn’t harm a thing in the garden, I hereby name this celebration, at least for this year,  “The Post Frost Harvest Hoedown.”

Join us on Sunday, September 12th at 5pm for this celebration and potluck where we will bring  together the whole farm community including Weathervane and Cottonwood Creek Dairy members, market and Colorado Grown supporters, and any friends of the farm who would like to attend.  Bring your own table service and a potluck dish to share.

Along with food and good company we will also have a special musical guest, Cahalen Morrison.  Not only is Cahalen a great musician, he also makes time to stay at our place and help on the farm when he is in town.  He might even harvest something in your share on Friday and he’ll probably rock and sing to Rafe and Lindsey’s new baby.  Check out his website and have a listen.


Garden Share


toscano kale

green leaf lettuce

sweet onion



sugar snap peas

scarlet turnips



green pepper



summer savory

Fruit Shares

ginger gold and gala apples

red pears


Red Pears

Though there are some out there that are perfectly delicious, it has come to our attention that some of the pears may not be up to our standards in quality.  If you have a bad batch of pears please let us know so we can measure the extent of the issue and replace pears for you if necessary.

Summer Savory

Summer savory is most commonly paired with green beans.  With a sharp peppery flavor somewhere between thyme and oregano, here is a recipe that uses tomato and zucchini and no shortage of dairy products. Remove savory leaves from the stems and treat like fresh thyme.

The author also recommends eating this gratin over a bed of rice and peas.

Corn Fritters

I know we don’t have corn in the share this week, but I highly recommend trying this recipe if you have any corn left from a previous share that needs using.  We have an odd tradition at the farm of getting donuts on harvest morning.  At first it was like a special indulgence, a break from those healthful veggies.  However at some point last year we all collectively realized that coffee +donuts+stress =feeling like crap.  That equation makes you wonder about the stereotypical cop.  Anyway, yesterday our friend Kristine surprised us with the perfect replacement.  These corn fritters are awesome.  They fill the sweet niche and still use fresh produce.

Substitute canned corn in this recipe for freshly cooked corn cut off the cob. This is the recipe closest to the one Kristine made us.  There are all sorts of corn fritter recipes out there both savory and sweet.  Here is another one more like a pancake that looks mighty delicious.

Come Pick Flowers

We are approaching the last weeks of flowers in the garden.  We will be open for you pick until the frost picks them all.  Come to the farm Fridays from 4-7pm or Saturdays from 9am-7pm to pick your own.  The price is 25 stems for 5.oo with a few .50-1.00/stem exceptions.  You may also call ahead to make a u-pick appointment. Come hang with the hummingbirds and enjoy the beautiful colors.