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Numero Uno

26 Jun

Welcome to the start of the 2010 CSA season.  The growing season has been great for us so far.  The spring weather was warm and less extreme than we’ve experienced before.  The garden is nearly full with all sorts of great future CSA box contents.  We will start the season with a plentiful serving of greens, but not to worry, we will do our best to provide recipe ideas to use all those tasty vitamins.

The fruit share season is looking good this year.  Austin Family Farms had good fruit set and everything is looking to be on schedule for the season.  There will be cherries for the next couple weeks and then apricots and peaches not far behind.

Farm Community Potluck and Garden Tour

We are planning a gathering at the farm on Sunday, July 11th @4:30 pm.  We will have tours of the farm and enjoy a community potluck meal.  Please bring a potluck dish to share and your own table service.

In the shares this week…

Garden Shares



green leaf lettuce

purple mizuna

baby pac choi

easter egg radish


yakuna savoy

Fruit Shares

Bing Cherries 1-3lb. bag


Cilantro pesto is a great way to make sure you use your whole bunch.  Here are links to a couple variations on the theme.  Use the pesto on pasta, as a sandwich condiment, or the first recipe is from one of my favorite sites Simply Recipes.  The author, Elise, always has great pictures and thoughtful comments.  I consult this site like the Joy of Cooking book in my kitchen whenever I try something new and I want to make sure it is going to be good.

Here is a variation on the theme from another pretty blog.

Unusual Greens.. New Favorites? Some Ideas for Using Your Greens

We understand that all the green stuff in the share can feel a bit daunting.  How do we use all this green stuff?

First off a simple idea for all your greens in the share excluding the lettuce (maybe?, it could work for the lettuce, too).  A no fail plan for delicious greens is to clean, chop, and saute them in butter and or olive oil with minced garlic and salt to taste.  Play with the chop size on the greens to find your favorite texture.  For greens with delicious stems (pac choi, yakuna savoy, chard) throw the stems in first for a little extra saute time.  This simple idea works for all the greens and is a great accompaniment to eggs at breakfast, on a sandwich or wrap at lunch, or as a side dish to meat, fish or pasta at dinner.  All of these greens can also be chopped and added to scrambled eggs, pasta sauces, quiche, fritata, strata, stir fry, soup.  Anything that calls for spinach would probably taste good with the Asian greens, too.

Here is a french baguette casserole or what I would call a strata.  This would great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Use the spinach, mizuna, and ,or pac choi.


Arugula is a little on the spicy side and delicious fresh in salads, alone, or mixed with lettuces.  Here are some simple arugula salad recipes.

Like cilantro, arugula also makes a nice refreshing pesto. Here is a great blog post with all sorts of applications for your arugula.

Once you make greens a consistent part of your diet you may find yourself craving them.  Its no surprise our bodies call out for greens since they are packed with vitamins and minerals good for anything that ails us.

Let’s Share Great Recipes

I would love to share recipes on The Arrow that you find inspiring. Please email me or comment below on your finds.