Post Frost Harvest Hoedown Sunday, Sept. 12th at 5pm

4 Sep

I have been wondering what to call this celebration for weeks now.  I didn’t want to call it a Fall gathering.  After all, the official start of Fall is at least a couple weeks away and we need as much summer as we can get around here.  With our first two small frosts this week, which didn’t harm a thing in the garden, I hereby name this celebration, at least for this year,  “The Post Frost Harvest Hoedown.”

Join us on Sunday, September 12th at 5pm for this celebration and potluck where we will bring  together the whole farm community including Weathervane and Cottonwood Creek Dairy members, market and Colorado Grown supporters, and any friends of the farm who would like to attend.  Bring your own table service and a potluck dish to share.

Along with food and good company we will also have a special musical guest, Cahalen Morrison.  Not only is Cahalen a great musician, he also makes time to stay at our place and help on the farm when he is in town.  He might even harvest something in your share on Friday and he’ll probably rock and sing to Rafe and Lindsey’s new baby.  Check out his website and have a listen.


Garden Share


toscano kale

green leaf lettuce

sweet onion



sugar snap peas

scarlet turnips



green pepper



summer savory

Fruit Shares

ginger gold and gala apples

red pears


Red Pears

Though there are some out there that are perfectly delicious, it has come to our attention that some of the pears may not be up to our standards in quality.  If you have a bad batch of pears please let us know so we can measure the extent of the issue and replace pears for you if necessary.

Summer Savory

Summer savory is most commonly paired with green beans.  With a sharp peppery flavor somewhere between thyme and oregano, here is a recipe that uses tomato and zucchini and no shortage of dairy products. Remove savory leaves from the stems and treat like fresh thyme.

The author also recommends eating this gratin over a bed of rice and peas.

Corn Fritters

I know we don’t have corn in the share this week, but I highly recommend trying this recipe if you have any corn left from a previous share that needs using.  We have an odd tradition at the farm of getting donuts on harvest morning.  At first it was like a special indulgence, a break from those healthful veggies.  However at some point last year we all collectively realized that coffee +donuts+stress =feeling like crap.  That equation makes you wonder about the stereotypical cop.  Anyway, yesterday our friend Kristine surprised us with the perfect replacement.  These corn fritters are awesome.  They fill the sweet niche and still use fresh produce.

Substitute canned corn in this recipe for freshly cooked corn cut off the cob. This is the recipe closest to the one Kristine made us.  There are all sorts of corn fritter recipes out there both savory and sweet.  Here is another one more like a pancake that looks mighty delicious.

Come Pick Flowers

We are approaching the last weeks of flowers in the garden.  We will be open for you pick until the frost picks them all.  Come to the farm Fridays from 4-7pm or Saturdays from 9am-7pm to pick your own.  The price is 25 stems for 5.oo with a few .50-1.00/stem exceptions.  You may also call ahead to make a u-pick appointment. Come hang with the hummingbirds and enjoy the beautiful colors.


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