Rocky Gracias

22 Jul

Its that time of year for us again.  We are setting out for our mandatory summer Rocky Grass vacation.  We buy our tickets around Thanksgiving and look forward to the break in our most hectic time of the year.  We rely on many other hardworking folks to make this break possible.  Thanks to our farm and home front friends Rafe and Lindsey for keeping everything organized and running.  Thanks to our great crew Karen, Sarah, Toby, Ray, and all other workers and volunteers. We really appreciate this opportunity for a little summer fun.

In the Shares

Garden Share





green leaf lettuce



summer squash


Fruit Share

1 bag peaches

1 bag cherries and apricots


That large head of really bitter tasting lettuce is actually escarole.  Before you through it out to the compost pile thinking it is too bitter to consume, take a look at some of these mouth watering recipes.  Escarole is a great soup ingredient.  The flavor mellows a bit when cooked.  Several sites I encountered recommend taking off the outer leaves as they are the most bitter.

Here are some more escarole tips.

White bean and Escarole Soup with Rustic Croutons

Another variation with carrots, fennel seed (why not throw in a bit of the fennel fern from last week), and though it is not in the recipe the picture looks like they included zucchini or summer squash.

Not in the mood for soup.  How’s about some yummy salads.

With corn and zucchini…

The Benefits of Bitter Greens

Here is some interesting info on the benefits of bitter greens.

We’re on our way.  Pictures and stories for next week.


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