The Aliens Have Landed

10 Jul

This weeks share is full of several new offerings.  Carrots, scallions, napa cabbage, toscano kale, and the aliens, purple kohlrabi and daikon radish, are all new to the share this week.   As we harvested, washed, and packed the vegetables this week several folks commented on the alien like forms of the kohlrabi and daikon.  Apparently we are not the only ones who appreciate this.  Here is a slaw recipe using kohlrabi from a fellow alien lover. Kohlrabi is also delicious peeled and sliced and eaten as a crudite.

And for more alien vegetable inspiration here are some fun and scary (though I think the pepper and hope the tomato- lemon is a Photoshop job) alien vegetables.

Farm Tour and Community Potluck

Tomorrow, Sunday, July 11th we will have our farm tour and community potluck.  We would love to see anyone who can make it to the event.  It will start at 4:30 pm with a farm tour and then we will dine by the garden.  Please bring food to share and your own plates and table service.

In the Shares

Garden Shares




daikon radish

toscano kale

purple kohlrabi

green leaf lettuce

napa cabbage

baby pac choi


Fruit Shares

1 lb cherries

lbs apricots


Once again these apricots are just a touch under ripe.  Eat the softer ones first and then set the others on your counter top and soon they will all be perfection.   Here are a few ideas for consuming those yummy morsels as ingredients in recipes.

Last night Lindsey and Rafe made us a delicious pork chop dinner with apricot sauce.  They served the pork with brown rice and sauted kale with garlic.  Here is the recipe they used and some yummy looking variations.

Pork Chops with Apricot Sauce

Instead of the strained preserves called for in this recipe ,Lindsey stewed fresh apricots, adding a touch of sugar, and then mashed them up a bit.

Grilled Porkchops with Chili Spiked Fresh Apricot Sauce

Coffee Rubbed Pork Chops with Apricots

Daikon Radish

Those long white roots in the share this week are daikon radish.  They are a milder radish great for eating raw or cooking.  I like them added to soups and stir fry or grated up in a fresh salad.  Below there is more information on the health and nutritional benefits of daikon and some recipe ideas.

Here is the traditional Japanese way to use daikon as a compliment to sushi.

Daikon is good for you.

Here’s a simple refrigerator pickling idea for daikon and carrots and learn about Vietnamese Sandwiches, too.

Ideas from a New York CSA including a recipe for kim chi from Seth at Hawthorne Valley Farm.


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