Send in Your Recipes

22 Aug

Have you made any great recipes you would like to share with the CSA community.  I would love to post your recipe finds, and pictures too, if you are feeling ambitious .  Send me your recipes through the comment box on this blog or to my email

Here is a fun food blog from an old friend of the farm to provide some inspiration

Garden Shares





Corn (Olathe)

Red Russian Kale


Snow Peas

Onions (Olathe)


Fruit Shares


Black Berries


Colorado Berries

As a native Pacific Northwest dweller I long for the sweet taste of berries every summer.  There are a glut of berries in the mountains, on roadsides and on farms in Washington.  I feel like I am never quite satisfied in Colorado….until these raspberries.  Finally a berry with flavor.  And the blackberries are pretty great, too.  Enjoy these Colorado treasures on cereal, icecream or one by one or in a big handful all alone.

The berries would also be great in little individual cobblers.

Here’s a yummy peach and raspberry cobbler from a Colorado bed and breakfast:

A link to all kinds of blackberry and raspberry recipes.  I am drooling over all of them.

And for the peaches…here’s an individual peach cobbler from Martha Stewart:


It is a bountiful broccoli crop this year.  It is exciting to see how there are some vegerables that are perfectly suited to our high altitude short season growing.  The broccoli remains sweet and tender all season long and holds well in the field.  Here are a couple simple recipes from one of my favorite recipe sites.  This is also a great site to search an ingredient for great recipes.

Simply Steamed and Dressed:

Broccoli Salad from the same site.  I love these recipes.

Ideas for other vegetables in the share this week

Arugula and Corn Salad Recipe

Broccoli Snow Pea Stir-Fry

Green Beans and Cilantro and some good reading on a cool blog

Green Beans, Cilantro and Ginger


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