August Frost, Early Fall?

15 Aug

As I walked out the back door last Sunday, I could feel the cool in the air and there seemed to be a frosty haze over the garden.   I walked down to the garden and realized quickly that this was not the pocket frost of early July.  This was the real deal.  After looking around at all the leaves covered in frosty crystals it was hard not to feel a bit defeated.  We couldn’t believe this day was here so early.  After a day filled with other errands and work,  Seth and I convened in the  garden in the evening to assess the damage.  Afterall, to our relief, the damage really wasn’t that bad.  The squash and beans got nipped, but there growth points remain unaffected.  The rest of the crops, although they appeared frozen in the morning, can tolerate a light to moderate frost and some get even sweeter and more delicious after being coated with a frost frosting.  Throughout the week I saw Tony Madone’s squash and spoke with several gardeners in Nathrop and Salida who experienced pretty much the same thing as we did at our place.  In some ways I was bummed that everyone’s plants got hit, but I was relieved to share in the momentary grief of the frost and hope for just a little more summer weather.

Weathervane allstar working member, Marley, picking the squash off the newly frosted plants.

Weathervane Allstar working member, Marley, picking the squash off the newly frosted plants.

Garden Share






Green Leaf Lettuce

Snap Peas



Summer Savory


Fruit Share

1 bag nectarines

1 cantaloupe


That big ferny thing in the share that looks like dill and smells like licorice is fennel.  The flavor of fennel mellows out when cooked and is very subtle and delicious. Here are some recipe ideas.

Fennel cakes, using the fronds:

Fennel and green beans using the bulb and the fronds:

MMMmm..fennel and salmon:

Fennel and potatoes:



Summer Savory

Summer savory is the small bundle of herbs on the share this week.  A companion plant to beans, summer savory  is also delicious in bean dishes.

Potato and Green Bean Salad wih Summer Savory

Savory and Fennel together:

Cut Your Own Bouquet

From this Saturday until the frost takes all the flowers we will have the flower garden open for you to pick your own bouquet.  The hours are 9 am-7pm on Saturdays.  The cost is 5.oo/25 stems for most stems.  Large amaranth, sunflowers, and dahlias are between .50 and 1.50 per stem.

You are welcome to bring your own vase or bucket or use ours here and then take your flowers home in a plastic bag with water.

Before your first pick allow Caitlin to give you some pointers in the garden.

Come to the farm and pick your own bouquet.

Come to the farm and pick your own bouquet.


One Response to “August Frost, Early Fall?”

  1. Sherrie Y August 15, 2009 at 6:03 PM #

    Thanks again for our fabulous bounty this week! We feel like kids in a candy store every time we open our box, and it’s so satisfying to eat meals made possible by the hard work of our friends and neighbors.

    And thanks for all the recipe tips… we’re making our own little recipe book, and our farm share chapter is getting quite stout! Cheers!

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