A Seasonal Shift

8 Aug

I noticed this week that the leaves on the cottonwoods around the garden are already beginning to turn.  The mornings have been cool and the days are getting shorter, and though it is only a slight change, fall is undeniably on its way.  For an in depth look at why the color of the leaves change check out this site, http://www.na.fs.fed.us/Spfo/pubs/misc/leaves/leaves.htm.  So with Fall on the way we have a Summer-y share this week.  Tomatoes, corn and peppers come to us from a grower in Olathe.  And in our own garden our high altitude summer crops, head cabbage and carrots, make a first appearance.   Next week along with peaches the fruit share will likely contain melons.

garden green

Garden Share



corn (Olathe)



snow peas

peppers (Olathe)

salad turnips

tomatoes (Olathe) BV pick-up only.  We messed up and the share tomatoes for Salida didn’t make it on the truck.  Salida shares will get tomatoes next week:( Our sincere apologies..


Fruit Share


Summer Says  Salsas

A variety of salsa recipes using peaches:


Corn salsa with steak or not:


Simple tomato salsas:



Be creative with all the great potential salsa ingredients in the share this week.  Cabbage and carrot slaws are also great with chips and salsa.

Corn on the Grill

Elote – Mexican Grilled Corn:


Simple Grilled Corn:



Though a simple coleslaw is an obvious cabbage destiny, here are a collection of cabbage recipes to suit a multitude of culinary desires.


Snow Peas

Here are some ideas for how to use your peas.



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