Yay! Rockygrass!

23 Jul

Howdy folks.  We, your farmers, Seth, Caitlin and Juniper are on our mandatory summer vacation to Rockygrass in Lyons, Colorado. Check it out at http://www.bluegrass.com/rockygrass/ Around Thanksgiving every year we buy our tickets.  As the summer season intensifies and days off become sparse, we look forward to 4 days of music, fun, and family.  So this weekend the rest of the crew and our working members will handle all the share and market logistics.  We are so lucky to have a competent and hardworking crew.  It is great to get a break and be able to relax without worries.  Thanks to the Weathervane Farm All-Stars (minus Eric, who is vacationing with us) Rafe, Lindsey, Courtney, Daniel, Karen, Sarah and our working member crew.

Garden Share





Winterbor Kale


Snap peas


Pac Choi


Green Leaf Lettuce

Summer Squash

Napa Cabbage

Fruit Share



This long white radish variety from Japan is often used pickled.  It is spicy and mellows slightly with cooking.  It would be great in a stir-fry or asian inspired soup.

Here’s a yummy looking recipe with Cilantro:


and a salad with Napa Cabbage too:


Some soup options:



Radish and Turnip Chips

If you have any radishes and turnips still rolling around in your produce drawer give this recipe from Weathervane Farm member, Brian Stack a try.


Everyone have a great weekend and week.  We will post some Rockygrass pictures next week.  Ahhh….vacation!


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