The 2nd Share on the 4th

4 Jul

The long days of summer are here and we are feeling the heat.  It was another great harvest on Friday.  We are pleased that there will be new veggie offerings in the share over the coming weeks.  Just a few of the items coming up on the roster are broccoli, chinese cabbage, carrots and beets.

Delivered in the 11th hour, the cherries this week are about as fresh as you can get them.  The fruit share will also expand in diversity and abundance over the coming weeks.

Garden Share


Multi-Colored Radish

Red Leaf Lettuce

Salad Turnip



Tuscano Kale

Purple Mizuna


Mystery Garlic Scape (chop and use like garlic)

Fruit Share

1 bag Bing Cherries from Austin Family Farms

Cherry Cobbler

Straight from the Austin Family orchard, picked Thursday afternoon, these yummy summer delights are great to eat fresh, on ice cream, or whip up this mouthwatering cherry cobbler.

Share Boxes

Please bring back your wax boxes so that we may use them again.   Or if you don’t want to lug that big box home, bring your shopping bag to the farm or market and load your share up and leave the box with us.


Pasture Raised Chicken

Our pasture raised chickens are getting plump and ready for harvest soon.

We grow fewer than 999 birds yearly and sell all of our meat off the farm directly to the consumer. This allows us to do all of our harvesting and processing on the farm. Using professional grade equipment, we are pleased to be able to participate in the harvesting process so that our birds do not have to endure the stress of being transferred to a harvesting facility.

We aim to pre sell all of our birds by the harvest date so that they may go to your freezer or dinner table as fresh as possible. The first birds will be available in a couple of weeks. The cost of the birds is $4./lb. and the birds will weigh approximately 4 lbs.  Please contact us by email to make a reservation.


Name Our Multi-Colored Radish Mix

Over the last several seasons we grew a mix of radish varieties collectively known as Easter Egg.  This year we created our own mix from three varieties: Amethyst, Champion and Ping Pong.  Though the mix looks much like the old Easter Egg, we think  it deserves a new name.  We are now referring to it as ACP.  The name ACP leaves something to be desired, so please help us make up a creative name that evokes the beauty and character of these colorful roots.  Scroll down to the comment button to leave your suggestions.

Fish Tacos

Here are a couple of variations on the fish taco.  This is a great warm weather meal accompanied by a nice cold Corona or lime water.  All of these recipes involve both radishes and cilantro.

This recipe also uses scallions:

This recipe uses salmon:

This recipe has a great photo description of a rub to season the fish:

Salad Turnips

Those big white globes in the share are Salad Turnips.  They are slightly sweeter and smoother than other turnips and have a variety of uses.  Eat them raw in salad or cook them up in soups or sautes.  Here is a link from Eating Well describing some basic tips for using turnips.  The grill suggestion sounds like it would be particularly good spiced up with some chili, lime, oregano, salt seasoning.


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