Ending BIG with Brussels Sprouts

11 Oct

It’s hard to believe this is the last share of the season.  Though the start of the season felt slow with cool weather and little rain, in general our expectations of a productive garden were exceeded.  We were also pleased with the West Slope fruit crop.  We had good variety and due to favorable weather conditions in their orchard, more fruit directly from Austin Family Farms than last year.  The Austin’s were once again a pleasure to work with and we were proud to make their product available over here.

We hope everyone enjoyed the season.  We are very interested in your experience this season and will send out an evaluation survey soon.  We really appreciate the feedback and hope to continue to have the opportunity to provide you with local food.  We will also keep in touch regarding sign-ups for next season.

Upcoming Events

If you have enjoyed the harvest and feel like celebrating there are two events coming up that you will not want to miss.

This Saturday, October 11th from 6-9pm, Celebrate Our Foodshed!, the annual event sponsored by the Central Colorado Foodshed Alliance, celebrating local food production, will be held at the Salida Steamplant Ballroom at 220 West Sackett Street, Salida.  Admission to the event is $5. and members and children under 5 are free.

The event features guest speaker Susan J. Tweit, Salida author and naturalist who will share her insight on teh benefits of consuming local foods.  There will also be a delicious dinner of local foods, samples from local growers and old time music and contra dancing after the presentation.

2nd Annual Farmhands Benefit Pumpkin Patch Festival

Join community, friends and family to celerate harvest time!  On October 18th and 19th and 25th and 26th from 10am-5pm on Saturdays and 12pm-4pm on Sundays come out to the farm.  Admission is $5, 2 and under free.  The event will feature horse drawn wagon rides, hay bale maze, farm games, pumpkin patch, silent auction, bake sale, and Colorado Grown Bratwurst BBQ.  The event is sponsored by:  Guidestone, Cottonwood Meadows, Weathervane Farm, Cottonwood Creek Dairy, Colorado Grown, Channelbv.net and Landmark Surveying.

Weathervane House Concert Series

With winter comes more time for music.  The Weathervane House Concert series will resume in November.  We will let you know of upcoming events as they are scheduled.

Garden Share


Brussels Sprouts










Acorn Squash

Pie Pumpkin

Lacto-fermented Kimchi

Fruit Share

1 bag fuji apples

1 bag pears

Fuji Apples

If you are sad this is the last fruit share these will last several weeks.  Keep them in the fridge or other cold storage and eat them fresh to savor the apple-y flavor.

Brussels Sprouts

Suprise! If you  haven’t seen them before this is how Brussels Sprouts grow.  We removed the leaves leaving a stalk of sprouts.  To remove the sprouts just use a paring knife.  You may need to trim them up a little bit before using.  We love these cut in half and coated in butter and roasted alone or with a veggie combination as mentioned in previous editions.

Lacto-Fermented Kimchi

In early September we made this batch of Kimchi.  Eric, Amy, Seth and I (Caitlin) got together on a Sunday afternoon to chop and shred many harvest bins full of cabbage, carrots, pac choi, turnips, onions and garlic.  We added minced ginger, siracha, red pepper flakes and salt to the mix and pounded it all down in a barrel to ferment.  It has been fermenting in our cool basement since.   Lacto fermenation is an old world preservation technique employed by many cultures across the globe.  Kimchi is a Korean recipe and sauerkraut is a german recipe of this same process of preservation.  This batch is not very spicy, but has a nice sour flavor.  In my opinion, it could be called Sauerchi or KimKraut.

We are especially interested in lacto-fermation to aid in the extension of our season.  Fermented veggies can last up to six months, creating a live food source through the winter months.   While in Vermont, our friend Amy worked at Flack Family Farm doing small scale lacto-fermentation.  She has been very helpful in coaching us on the basics of the art of lacto-fermentation.  We will also make a batch of Sauerkraut this season with our big Bravo cabbages out in the garden.  We hope to have both the kimchi and the sauerkraut available at Colorado Grown through the winter months.

Good Uses for Kimchi

Kimchi and other fermented foods are not generally the centerpiece of a meal.  They are best as condiments and should be eaten in smaller portions with a meal.  Beneficial bacteria present in lacto-fermented foods aid in digestion.   I like kimchi added to soups.  It is a great tangy addition to chicken broth soups with meat and other vegetables.  I also like it as a condiment on my plate with stirfry or rice dishes.  I start to crave just a little bit with almost anything I eat in the winter time.  It is an energizing food.

For further reading including information on the processes and the health benefits related to lact-fermented foods, check out these links.

Sally Fallon, Author of Nourishing Tradition discussing lacto-fermentation.


Sarah Flack of Flack Family Farm – PDF On Lacto Fermentation


Vote Yes on 2H on November 4th

This is an issue that could drastically affect the future of the current Weathervane Farm operation located on Cottonwood Meadows Property.  Currently we are here by the generous invitation of John Cogwell, the Cottonwood Meadows land owner.   In a culture where housing developments pave over productive farm land, The Cottonwood Meadows plan sees farming as a benefit to development.  This development project seeks to involve several farm businesses as one of the many facets featured in a plan to build community and provide new amenities to the residents of the area.  If 2H is voted down in November, John will likely be forced to sell and it is unlikely that a new buyer would be interested in keeping us on the property.  To learn more about the issues and many benefits of the development there are several meetings scheduled in October.

Oct 13, League of Women Voters, Community Center, 7PM

Oct 13, 20, 27 and Nov 3 at the Evergreen, 6:30pm

Oct 21 – Delta Kappa Gamma (retired teachers) Sangre de Cristo community room 7 PM

Pick up a yard sign by the walk-in cooler to show your support.  They will also be available, next door at Colorado Grown now that this is the last week for pick-up in the cooler.

The final harvest day of the season called for something special and the team answered 13 crates high, another new record.  We will be training hard over winter for next season.  Keep an eye out for the Weathervane All Stars at next years Farm Olympics.


3 Responses to “Ending BIG with Brussels Sprouts”

  1. Allison October 11, 2008 at 3:06 PM #

    Thanks to all of you for providing us with so much amazing produce this summer! You all have given and continue to give such a valuable contribution to our community.

    Vote YES! on 2H and spread the word!


  2. chris February 11, 2009 at 11:34 PM #

    Looking good my friends! Loooooooooookinnnng good! (In a Dave Lynch voice)


  1. Should It Stay or Should It Go? | ChannelBV - October 13, 2008

    […] Meadows, a number of meetings will be held leading up to November 4th, starting tonight. From The Weathervane Arrow […]

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