Fall is Here

27 Sep

Fall is here and the leaves are falling to prove it.  I’ve noticed in the Spring that the amount of green changes by degrees everyday.  The color changes in the fall follow the same pattern.  Everyday there is a little more orange and red up on the hills and a little less green.  Soon the leaves will be falling and trees will be more bare everyday.   This week the share is very fall like.  We are moving into having more storage crops like onions, garlic, beets, carrots and potatoes and you will notice that the lettuce is not as tender as it was in the summer.  The leaves thicken as they adapt to the cold.

Garden Share






Sangre and Yukon Gold Potatoes

Paonia Tomatoes

Fruit Share

1 bag peaches, pears, plums, jonagold apples

Pick Yourself a Bouquet

We would like to invite everyone to pick a bouquet from the garden when you come to pick up your share.  The busy week prevented us from picking for market and we would love to distribute the beauty into everyone’s home.  If you pick-up in Salida feel free to stop by anytime you are in BV to pick a bouquet.  There are clippers in a red bucket next to the walk-in.  Take some time to enjoy being in the garden.


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