We are gathered here today…….

9 Aug

This weekend the Weathervane House is full of friends and family congregating to celebrate the marriage of Rafe and Lindsey.  We had many hands in the garden for harvest this weekend and have been enjoying the general celebratory atmosphere.  Events such as this remind us of our communities and it is so fun to see family meeting friends and old friends meeting new friends.  Our friend Cassie made the trip from Missouri to join in the festivities.

Cassie’s Return

As we approach the farm on the cloudy afternoon, I revel in the familiar sight of the grassy meadow preceding the farmstead with the unforgettable backdrop of Mt. Princeton. Born and raised in Missouri, this view is unlike anything back home and an image I will never forget. It’s been a year since my internship, but as the familiar landscape comes into view, it seems like no time has passed…until I see the farm! The first indications of change are small: a beautiful sign indicates “Colorado Grown” prominently from the road. Then we pull into the Weathervane Farm driveway to see that the whole place has transformed! The original plot I helped tend the summer before is flush with growth, but just beyond, I see a new plot has been established, two or three times as big and surrounded by a beautiful fence. When the car stops, I hop out and start to look for other changes. There are so many! The chickens are a new mixture of heirloom breeds, chicks peep from a new pen, bikes hang against the house under a covered shelter, a new garden shed boarders the chicken coop…everything Seth, Cait and all of the other farmers here envisioned in the formative first year have been successfully executed! As we wander across the bridge looking for the farm crew, I see that even more has been established: domestic ducks nest in the grass and wade in the pond, calves curl together in one shelter, and a couple of pigs root around in a neighboring pen. Near the new garden, I see two more chicken contraptions, one for broilers and one for laying hens. Both of those coops are moveable, allowing beneficial rotation and fertilization for the field. They even have rabbits now!

I find it so hard to believe that so much has been accomplished in just a year. But then I remind myself, that though the group is small, they are unendingly dedicated and incredibly hard working. The group includes a collective of businesses and creative folks behind those businesses. Cottonwood Creek Dairy, Colorado Grown, Weathervane Farm, Classical Decomposers, Raised Right Rabbits and R&L Hay all create this dynamic farm structure. Establishing a flourishing farm is no small task. The farmers here have been blessed with the support of their new community (that’s YOU, kind reader!) and, combined with their commitment and activity, they are unstoppable! So, from the former first ever intern, I say KUDOS to them and KUDOS to you for your participation. On their behalf, I invite you out to the farm to see all of the fabulous projects in the works so that you too can celebrate in their thriving creativity and partake in the quest for developing a sustainable relationship with the land. Until next year!

-Cassie Phillips, Weathervane intern ‘08

Garden Share





Winterbor Kale

Green Leaf Lettuce

Snap and Snow Peas



Green Pepper


Fruit Share

1 cantaloupe

1 bag peaches

Ah, nothing like the peak of summer to inspire indulgence in minty libations. Here at the farm, we celebrated the snowballing crowd of family and friends for Rafe and Lindsey’s wedding by making pitchers of the famous Cuban cocktail, Mojito. Fresh lime and even fresher mint made this drink a zesty, refreshing end to the evening, but it would probably be just as good (if not better) on a hot afternoon. Next in line: Mint juleps!


¼ cup mint, leaves torn, packed

1 cup fresh lime juice

1 Tsp lime zest minced

½ cup sugar

2 cups rum

4 cups club soda

Mix mint, lime juice, lime zest and sugar. Mash mint with the back of the wooden spoon to release mint oils and dissolve sugar. In a pitcher combine all ingredients. Put a little mint from the mixture in each glass. Add ice and pour mixture. This is a very refreshing beverage. Would also be delicious without the vodka.

Please excuse the brief nature of this newsletter. We are all running around here in anticipation of Rafe and Lindsey’s union. We will post more about the share, post wedding. Thanks!


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  1. Readmond Family August 10, 2008 at 7:04 PM #

    Found a great recipe for beets.

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